Aims of the PKTA

  • to preserve and advance the quality of life in Kent Town
  • to advocate for balancing the needs of developments with the needs of preservation
  • to monitor proposed developments while endeavouring to ensure that the spirit of the Development Plan is upheld
  • to be involved in all issues that affect the quality of life in Kent Town concerning both business and residential members of the community
  • to promote community well-being through support for both historical heritage and innovative and inspired development

Membership details

PKTA membership includes individuals and organizations based in Kent Town as residents, landowners or business operators.

As a member of the PKTA one can participate in supporting PKTA aims and work with other members towards a better community.

The PKTA meets four times a year with one meeting being the annual general meeting. Membership to the PKTA is annual.

Membership Fees
Single $15.00 (Concession $8.00)
Families $25.00 (Concession $15.00)

We appreciate your membership and invite you to continbute by sharing your views with the Executive Committee at a regular meeting or any other time.

Application for membership

Please right-click here then select save as... to download the Application for Membership form as a PDF document.